Deliberate, Intentional and Focused

Hi Friends and Family!

Here we are…less than 24 hours away from the end of the 2010 year and the beginning of 2011, a year of new beginnings and renewed focus on what’s important and glorifying to our Lord.

This Sunday we will be reflecting, inspecting, and expecting. In other words, we’ll count our blessings of 2010 and praising God for them; asking God to inspect us and reveal anything that needs to change to bring Him more glory; and, looking forward to what’s to come in 2011 with hopeful hearts trusting in our faithful God.

I would like to ask of you to take some time and reflect on what’s transpired this year and let me know how the Lord speaks to you – what He reminds you of.

I want to thank you for being a wonderful congregation that seeks the Lord, growing in His grace and knowledge – I have been truly blessed as we search and learn God’s truth together in Scripture and experience the peace and love that can only come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Have a Happy New Year! Be more Deliberate, Intentional and Focused on Jesus Christ this year to serve Him with your lives!


In Christ,

Pastor Raul