Moutains-Ocean-342258_305x170I’ve been thinking about the act of “worship” a lot lately, in fact I’ve been CONSUMED by it.

Primarily because I think very few people commit themselves to fully worshiping the Lord their God with ALL of their heart, mind and strength.

Consider how we hold nothing back at a baseball park, a football field or a basketball arena. When our team scores we cheer (loudly), we stomp (in unison), and we even chant the same words that come up on the “big screen.”

BUT when it comes to worshiping God on Sunday morning at church we are reserved (we aren’t compelled to lift our voices, let alone our hands)…WHY? Maybe because we don’t know the God of the Bible? Because He is victorious and He is BIG and He’s the only One who is worthy of our praise and worship.

So, why don’t we cheer for Him like we do other things in our lives?

I’ll leave you right there because I would love for you to go to the Bible and read what it says about worship; why we worship; Who we are to worship; how we are to worship; and, when we are to worship.

Here’s a great place to read about worship (to begin): The Book of Psalms.

Here’s another question: Are we born TO worship or FOR worship or were we born worshiping (continuously)?

This is the subject we’ll be going over this Sunday at The Refuge. Jesus is worthy of our praise and of our worship.

See you at The Refuge!